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Candra Kylar

Author of the "Abigail Everlaine Mystery Series" and the upcoming "Backwoods Medium" comedic thriller series.

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Paranormal Mystery Author

Candra Kylar

Candra's Newest Releases


The second installment in my ongoing Abigail Everlaine series has been released! Vampires join the fray as two teens on the run come to Abbie with a seemingly impossible task: track down a legendary ink that would save them or throw the town into a war between rivals. Her mother is missing in action, a love triangle emerges to complicate the case for her clients, and her boyfriend is hiding something. Will Abbie prevail?

She's dealt with curses and scheming vampires before but, this time, Abigail Everlaine faces her biggest case yet. When her best friend Dimples goes missing, she goes on a chase that leads her to a gothic circus showcasing outcasts who have Fae magic inside of them. Dimples is acting as if she wants nothing to do with Abbie and the truth of her past is revealed. Secrets linger with the cruel owner of the traveling circus, ruthless warlock Vander Gregari, and a trap is set that could see everything that Abbie worked hard for unravel before her eyes. She has to fight not only for herself but the future of her best friend. Will it all come crumbling down or will a dark power laying dormant for years finally be summoned as a last resort?


"This is a new author worth taking a chance on!" 

Goodreads Blogger


"We have all read stories of witches and werewolves and vampires, but the imagination and detail in this book takes it to an entirely new level. I love a good mystery and can't wait for the next book!"

Amazon Review, "Once Upon A Werewolf"

"A refreshing apocalyptic tale that isn't about surviving a onslaught-but surviving loss an finding your place in a new world. "

Amazon Review, "Just One Day"

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Copyright 2020, Candra Kylar

All novels are a work of fiction. Any similarities to real persons or events are entirely coincidental. 

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